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Engaging and Motivating Activities for Seniors

We offer a variety of activities for seniors that allow for physical contact and social interaction.

Senior and Caretaker

Arts and Crafts

Keep your elderly family members engaged, encouraged, and amused with our arts and crafts activities. Our well-trained personnel are focused on guiding them towards better self-expression. We have a variety of activities including:

Puzzle Solving | Card Playing | Basket Weaving | Painting | Memory Box Creation

Outings and Field Trips

Allow your family members to gain more exposure within the community with our outings and field trips. Our accommodating staff will go with your loved ones to visit local museums and to go out on picnics. We will also happily accompany them for local community activities like carnivals and other festivities. On a regular basis, our personnel will also watch movies with them. On the whole, our duty is to make them feel entertained and fulfilled as community members.

Why Choose Us

We enjoy working with the elderly and people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide your family members with a safe and caring environment that functions as their second home. We want your loved ones to live peacefully and happily and enjoy the best quality of life that they can.